So much is made today regarding Errors and Omissions insurance by brokerages. Some charge the agent per deal, other brokerages charge the agent on a yearly basis and yet others charge a fee per month. We think this is too confusing, so to make it really simple and easy to understand, we pay your E & O insurance on every deal you do. It is included in any one of the commission plans you choose. This means your E&O insurance is totally free. Feel free to contact us to learn more.



This page contains specific information regarding our all inclusive error and omissions insurance. We are the Future of Real Estate Today and The Virtual Realty Group. We are the leader in virtual online real estate in many different states. We operate from coast to coast and Hawaii. We offer better benefits, tools and 100% commission plans for the independent-minded agent. All of our commission plans come standard with free E and O insurance, a free paperless transaction coordinator, a free personal lead generating website with IDX home search, free access to our in-house marketing and design department, the ability to be paid directly after a deal closes, an in-house escrow division, free virtual tours and single property websites and so much more. Check out all the tools, benefits, features and advantages we offer every agent with The Virtual Realty Group. 100% commission office, 100% commissions, virtual real estate, virtual real estate office, virtual broker, virtual realty, virtual office, 100% commission, the future of real estate, the future, earn 100% commission, virtual real estate brokerage, brokerages with 100% commission