We offer 2 different branding options to our agents who prefer to brand themselves and not us. These options can also be applied to anyone opening a branch office or staring a team with us. If you prefer to use your own address for your business rather than ours, we will be more than happy to file a “Branch Office” with your address, to the CA BRE and the MLS. Once this has been accepted by the BRE and MLS, you are free to use that address for all your business.

The typical and most often used form of branding we offer is where an agent uses their personal, business, team or trade name in all their marketing and advertising covering a majority portion of that marketing or advertising while our name covers the balance. An example of that could look something like this. Anyone using this option must comply with the guidelines set forth by the CA BRE.

The second branding option we offer is designed for broker associates, branch offices, teams or experienced agents. This option allows for 100% branding and only your branding name is used on all your marketing and advertising. An example of that could look something like this. The way this option works is for you to already have a corporation, or file one, then get it licensed by the CA BRE. When doing so, you will be required to assign a broker to it (us). Once that is completed and we add that name as an additional insured, to our error and omissions policy, you are able to conduct business under that name. We will also set up an office with your branding name under our account of the MLS you belong to*. We will always be the broker of record so as to comply with the CA BRE, but your 100% branding name will be used on anything and everything you want. Call for more details.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about these 2 great branding options.





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